With snark, Infinite Horse is any of the following:

  • A handful of loosely coupled internet weather bots.
  • An insurance policy against all InfoSec communities moving to closed platforms like Discord and Slack.
  • A “CTI provider” that is radically transparent about whose RSS feeds it repackages.

Without snark: Infinite Horse finds interesting information security articles posted on traditional social media, and posts direct links to that content on federated social media.

I built it to help people try new social media platforms while staying in touch with existing communities that they value. The goal is to help reduce friction and feelings of FOMO when centralized platforms begin to decay, and seed new open (why?) platforms with quality content from trusted sources.


Infinite Horse bots will always …

  • Post in public, open spaces. Centralized social media and chat platforms are incentivized to create moats - even platforms that were open are closing over time, descending towards internet feudalism. We support information in public spaces owned by people, not corporations.
  • Mirror the canonical destination. Bots won’t post their own links, or link shorteners, or ad-ridden interstitials, etc. Anything other than the actual and final destination would be adding link rot.
  • Mirror links, not specific users’ or user content. If someone wants to mirror their own posts/comments/account/etc. to the fediverse, they should do that, but there are plenty of tools that already exist to help. Our bots won’t do that for them.
  • Balance trust with speed. Almost any link from any submitter can be mirrored. Second-layer moderation heuristics (domain filtering, score and time filtering, keyword filtering) are applied to limit the risk of unwanted content slipping in.
  • Be 100% free (and 100% ad-free). This is a passion project to help foster new cybersecurity communities, not a profit-making ploy, and it will stay that way.

Existing Projects

  • Exiting Reddit - Posts deeplinks found on moderated, research-focused subreddits to Mastodon and Bluesky.

Future Work

  • Spotlight on FOSS tools?
  • Themed, multi-source feeds?
  • Searching? Statistics?

If you have ideas, you can find me on - I’m always happy to take input or contributions!